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Traffic Calming in Fire Mountain

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Neighbors, You may have had someone visit your door with a petition or contact you on – please take action – this is important!

We have a chance to reduce the traffic flow in Fire Mountain and return our neighborhood to the safe and residential community that we all love.  To do this we need you to sign an Oceanside city petition by September 23, 2022.

The city of Oceanside has received funding to install speed bumps/humps in our neighborhood.  This is the first time in 12 years that this type of funding has been allocated by the city.  The “Traffic Calming Project” will allow for speed bumps on Avocado Road, Ivy Road, and Laurel Road.  We need signatures for all residents that live on these streets and all connecting streets.  This includes Fuchsia Ct, Fanwood Ct., Troy Lane, View St., Terraza St.  Williams Lane, Campesino Pl. Ryan Way, Andrews Ct., Rudder Rd, Chopin Way, Catamaran Way, Seawind Way, Bluewater Way, Sandcastle Way, Rudder Way, and Outrigger Way.

If you support this project please sign the “Petition for Traffic Calming Project”  form.  There are places to add more signatures feel free to request signatures from your neighbors.

You may get a form by emailing a request to  Forms can also be found at 1901 Laurel Rd. and 1794 Avocado Rd.  The signed form may be emailed to or dropped off at 1901 Laurel Rd. or 1794 Avocado Rd  Additionally you may send a picture of the completed form to the above email.

Questions about the project may be directed to Abraham Chen the project manager for the city of Oceanside

Map of Proposed Speed Hump Areas

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