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Wag More, Bark Less

Dog lovers of Fire Mountain–don’t give up!

We may not get our Reservoir Dog Park this year at the Water Tower on Fire Mountain Drive, but there’s still an under-the-radar park we can all run and play in. It’s Joe Carassco Park, down by the tracks (almost). And here’s an interesting tidbit I just learned: the reason it’s a park is that Dunstan (of Dunstan street) built some of those houses on fill–and eight of them slid off their pads. Since the ground was unstable, voila! We got a park!

Skylark Drive
I-5 to Oceanside Blvd., east on Oceanside Blvd. to Crouch Street, south on Crouch for one block to Skylark

Developed: 1980
Size: 3 acres
Named for: Originally named for its location on Skylark Drive, the park was renamed in 1990 for Joseph Carrasco for his numerous contributions to the development of the park
Amenities: Picnic Area

(It’s all grass–be sure to clean up after your pooch so the kids can play soccer here, too!)


2 thoughts on “Wag More, Bark Less

  1. Hello

    My name is Megan Buczek and we are residents in the neighborhood and live on Avocado Rd..
    On the 31st of December my husband Mark and our dog Bailey were struck hit and run while on their morning walk on Fire Mountain Rd.

    We are seeking assistance on identifying the vehicle and set up a site to help with Mark and Baileys expenses.

    Please post this link for your members the neighbors that may have information, wish to help or share on their FB pages

    Thank you sincerely,

  2. Beware! Around 8:30 last night (June 12) my miniature poodle Jones was attacked in my backyard on Bailey Drive. I assume it was a coyote. Jones’ injuries were too severe for the vets at California Veterinary Hospital to save him. I did not see the culprit, but I assume it was a coyote because of the nature of the injuries. There was no barking or other noise to alert me. I only knew something was wrong when my other small dog barreled through the pet door and hurled herself into my lap.

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