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Reservoir Property / Fire Mountain Park

Fire Mountain Reservoir Property

These are photos of the Fire Mountain Reservoir Property which houses a functioning water reservoir maintained by the Oceanside Water Department.  In the recent past, it also shared space with a  park that included baseball field, picnic tables and bar-b-ques.  The park was closed when Proposition 13 cut the funds for maintenance.  Lately, residents have expressed the desire to restore the park and it is now part of  Oceanside Parks and Recreation Department Master Plan.  The Park Survey, which was distributed to approximately 400 nearby residents, was completed and returned by 101 people–and 91% wanted the park back!  The features desired, in order, were:

1-A nature walk, 2-Children’s playground, 3-Picnic area, 4-Play fields and 5-A dog park.

Although it will take time, we are working with the City to find a way to open this park (and NOT spend very much money to do it!). We’ll keep you informed.

A side note: Eternal Hills has offered to give us mature cacti to landscape this property. Their property abuts the Water Department Reservoir Property on the east.

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FMP-Drive1.jpg.JPG tn_FMP-Field1.jpg.JPG



FMP-Field2.jpg.JPG tn_FMP-Field3.jpg.JPG


One thought on “Reservoir Property / Fire Mountain Park

  1. This is wonderful news! We are residents of Henie Hills and parents of a young boy. Parks are sorely lacking in our neighborhood. Whatever we can do to help with this project let me know!!

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