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Development Proposals for Fire Mountain

There are two proposals before the Planning Commission on Monday requesting permission to construct to the maximum allowable, adding to the already increasing density of Fire Mountain. We have another opportunity to declare our neighborhood off limits to increased density and open to sensible development.  Please attend the Monday night (May 24th) Planning Commission hearing to support reasonable development in our neighborhood.

At issue here is the continued recommendation by the Planning Staff of increased density in our Neighborhood. The current Zoning is R-1/acre. That means 1 home per acre, with an allowable zoning of 1-3.5 with a conditional use permit. The Planning Commission recently denied an applicant on Avocado on the same type of request by a 5-2 vote. The City Council then approved it over neighborhood protest.

We have to stop this density maximization. We can see the results of the City Council vision at the corner of Fire Mountain and Yucca.

The Planning Commission agenda can be found here:

The Staff Report describing the 1.08 acre development can be found here:

The Staff Report describing the 1.14 acre development can be found here:

This is your chance to help preserve the quality of our Neighborhood. Best results are when you attend the Planning Commission meeting AND send an email in support of your opinion. If you cannot make the meeting, it is important that you contact your Planning Commissioners and let them know you oppose density increases before the meeting.

Claudia Troisi – Chair

Bob Neal — Vice Chair

Louise Balma

Dennis Martinek

Stan Bertheaud

Tom Rosales

Jay Scrivener

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Saturday on Fire Mountain- Gone to the Dogs!

One of our Fire Mountain Friends sent us this morning round up of who they met on a morning walk.

Too many cute furry friends not to notice!