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Jefferson and Vista Way Soon to Be Scripps Health Offices


Many Fire Mountain residents received notice that a new offices will be built at the corner of Jefferson and Vista Way. In the past this lot was a Datsun auto dealership, a Saturn dealership, and most recently has been the temporary sales lot for Christmas trees, a pumpkin patch, and a bouncy house park.

Check out the image below for more details and let us know what you think in the comments section of this post.



3 thoughts on “Jefferson and Vista Way Soon to Be Scripps Health Offices

  1. While I understand that the property is commercially zoned, the city needs to install significant traffic calming measures on Avocado and Laurel Roads before approval. There is significant cross town traffic on both these roads and approval of this project will only increase it. I submitted a request to the city, with owner signatures, in September of 2014, only to be told there wasn’t sufficient funds for it. The city is gaining revenue from the proposed project. They should provide traffic calming to the adjacent neighborhood as a result of it.

  2. Although Scripps owns the property, there is no record of application on the City of Oceanside website. We have a lot of cross town traffic going through Fire Mountain. Upon request for traffic calming measures in our neighborhood, the city rep stated they had no funds for it in 2014. I was also told in 2015, by a city planner, that a Scripps facility didn’t “match” the city vision for the site. The City should be paying for traffic calming measures for our neighborhood with the increased revenue from this project.

  3. Update: I will bring a copy of the preliminary design to the bbq. It’s described as a medical office building, up to 50 ft high, 85,000 sq ft, containing 425 parking spaces. Rick T.

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