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South O Winter Walkabout – Tonight!

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Always a fun way to support local businesses, meet the people behind them and enjoy the holidays – don’t miss the South O Winter Walkabout Wednesday, December 11, 2019 5:00pm – 8:00 pm.



One thought on “South O Winter Walkabout – Tonight!

  1. Hello! I am an architect doing some historical research on the neighborhood. I am trying to tie a few names of former residents from the 1930s to particular properties. All I have at present are old R.F.D. mailbox numbers. These were the old mailboxes that one saw in many parts of the country that were ganged together at various point along a rural road. (RFD stands for Rural Free Delivery.) This mail system predates street addresses. I am hoping some can point me to a map or list of the area that would tie the old box number to a present day street address. Any ideas of who might be of assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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