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FOFM Wants Your Input!

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Friends of Fire Mountain (FOFM) has been around since 2008 hosting the annual end-of-summer BBQ and Holly Jolly on Molly block parties. Now that we’ve gotten to know a few of our neighbors we look forward to adding some new information and activities to the mix.

We’ve been updating the FOFM blog with information and local events (check the side bar and feel free to submit new events via email) . Now we’re expanding with the FOFM Networking Group, plus an informative network on and we’re working toward more events for our community to be announced in the coming year.

To do this, we need your input and help! First, please tell us about your concerns and interests within Fire Mountain. If you are a Fire Mountain resident, please take a minute to answer this questionnaire so we can work collectively to improve our neighborhood.

Then help out – we need volunteers and participants!  FOFM is looking for a representative in each area to keep us informed of new projects, interesting stories, updates on crime and anything else you can contribute. If you can help on any of these items, please contact us via email at  If you can volunteer any of your time or resources, no matter how much or how little, we would love to have your involvement!

Please feel free to comment on the blog and send information that you would like to see explored further or posted to the web site – your insight is valuable! We appreciate your input and look forward to meeting you!


One thought on “FOFM Wants Your Input!

  1. I chose traffic, especially noticeable near our home on Laurel. Would anyone be interested in looking into making Fire Mountain a gated community? I’ve heard there was a notion to do this about 10 years ago, and it was not accepted. Times are changing and traffic is becoming more of an issue – perhaps gating our community is a solution?

    I’d pay an extra, say $50 a month to do this…not sure if anyone else would though?

    Melia & Oliver Indra

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