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New Developments in Oceanside and Carlsbad

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With the group of residents on Laurel Rd. in Fire Mountain continuing to address the speeding and traffic concerns that tend to plague Fire Mountain, we’ve been following a few of the latest in business developments that will impact our local roads and surrounding freeways.

Saturn Property Vista Way

You may have noticed the recent demolition happening on the corner of Vista Way and Jefferson. The property is owned by Nissan Corporation and while waiting to be sold the location has been home to a few temporary businesses such as the Home Depot nursery, a Halloween store, a Christmas store, and a Christmas tree lot.

Recently we learned the demolition is part of a contingency on the sale of the property to Scripps Health. The City of Oceanside has had held developer meetings with Scripps regarding the building of a clinic and physicians offices on the site. The public has not been notified of the status and only residents within 300 ft. of the property will receive a notice once permits are filed and the yellow notification signs go up.  The zoning in that area allows a building height of up to 50 ft. or approximately 4 stories. The city planner on the project did not have a response to questions regarding concerns about how increased traffic or building height will be addressed.

—- UPDATE (11/6/2013) According to a city employee the Scripps project was given a pass as it doesn’t meet the commercial zoning plan.  Nissan has simply bulldozed the buildings to make it more marketable. We will update as more information is available.—–

On the other side of the 78 freeway, in Carlsbad, the Westfield, Plaza Camino Real (sometimes referred to as the “ghetto mall”) has also started renovations. According to the Westfield web site:

The regional mall, originally constructed in 1969, will be renamed Westfield Carlsbad when completed in November 2014. The renovation plans include:

  • The former Robinsons-May building will be significantly rebuilt and will house a new 40,000-square-foot location of 24 Hour Fitness and a new 12-screen, state-of-the-art movie theater being developed by Regal Entertainment Group. Plans for the 24-hour Fitness also include an indoor lap pool and a fully enclosed rooftop basketball court.IMG_8489
  • Renovation of the mall’s eastern half will create a contemporary look and better pedestrian access between JCPenney and Macy’s Men’s and Home Furniture and will significantly enhance the street scape along El Camino Real and Marron Road.
  • With the renovation of the interior,  the entire mall will receive new flooring, ceilings, lighting, handrails and other amenities.  Additionally Westfield will add a new dining terrace and upgrade the mix of retail shops.

Recent rumors of IKEA potentially coming to San Marcos are currently only rumors.  An IKEA spokesman did, however, say that the company is willing to consider a North County location since the Mission Valley location “…has capacity issues.” Maybe by the time they make a decision they’ll carry solar panels like they do in the UK!

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One thought on “New Developments in Oceanside and Carlsbad

  1. UPDATE (11/6/2013) According to a city employee the Scripps project was given a pass as it doesn’t meet the commercial zoning plan. Nissan has simply bulldozed the buildings to make it more marketable. We will update as more information is available.—

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