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OCEANSIDE: School district closes part of Palmquist playground

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(I thought this story was interesting for Fire Mountain Parents.)

Source: North County Times: Oceanside Unified School District officials closed a play structure at Palmquist Elementary School on Wednesday, saying they need to study whether changes should be made to the equipment where 14 students have broken their arms since 2007.

The move came three days after the North County Times published an article about the spate of injuries and the district’s response to them. Oceanside Unified had closed the structure for about a month in late 2009 to study its safety and re-opened it after deciding to restrict access to smaller children. Since then, five more students have broken their arms, including two so far this school year, the Times reported.

Far more students have broken bones at Palmquist than at any other district elementary school. Most of the injuries happened after school.

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One thought on “OCEANSIDE: School district closes part of Palmquist playground

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