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Eternal Hills Archaeological Site Update

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Thanks to Chuck McDonell for this update on the Native American archaeological site in the Eternal Hills area:

To All:

Generally, as reported earlier, Fire Mountain neighbors have been happy with the way the Eternal Hills Expansion Project has been proceeding.  We’re also especially happy that the archaeological ridge site will be preserved.  It contains many artifacts that need to be protected as well as affording spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

We’ve always assumed that any expansion of the cemetery would exclude disturbing the site except for careful cleanup and restoration.  Sadly, I noticed some markers indicating pipes will be laid down which pass right through the side bordering the water tower property.  We understood such lines would be routed around the ridge, not through it.  Please re-evaluate the placement of such lines so that they do not disturb this important historic resource.  It seems unnecessary to have to route any utilities through this site since it’s basically a sandstone ridge and will not be landscaped.  The site must be preserved, not disturbed.  Any restoration and cleanup must be carefully handled because artifacts and unique geologic features could be easily damaged, disturbed or removed by contractors with their trenching machines.  Just driving a tractor over this area could cause considerable damage to delicate artifacts and plant life.  Here’re a few photographs to help illustrate our concerns.

Please let the contractor know how important this site is to the Native Americans and Fire Mountain neighbors who have worked hard to protect it.  Please avoid any disturbance to the site until a restoration plan can be developed to preserve our important historic heritage.  Route pipes and other utilities around the site, not through it.  Thank you.

Chuck McDonell


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