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Lincoln Middle Schoo PTSO Presents: The Cow Drop

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On November 21, 2009, Lincoln Middle School’s PTSO,

students and parents will conduct the fundraising activity of the year. The Cow Drop!

cash cow
The Cause
The back lot of ECHS will be the site of what promises to become the entertainment event of the year with a goal of
helping to promote and finance educational activities for students at Lincoln Middle School.

A lucky winner could earn $2500!*

The Event
The athletic field will be divided into equal squares and each of those squares will be sold for $5.00.  On the morning of the 21st a drawing will determine the location of each ticket’s square.  At 9 am, Bessie the Cow will enter the stadium grounds. Free to roam the area, we will await anxiously for Bessie to drop her paddy.

The Reward
The owner of the square in which Bessie first does her duty will receive a check for $2,500 (or 10% of total ticket sales) for their support of Lincoln Middle School PTSO.  The second dropping will receive a check for $1,750 and the 3rd, $750.00 (7% and 3% respectively).
Cow Drop 007
Support this worthy effort to broaden the horizons of our students.  Contribute to the fundraising efforts of your community and experience the satisfaction of helping our young people.  Who Knows!  Your reward may be much more!!

*Reward checks are based on sales of 5000 squares.  Payments represent 20% of total sales.  In the event sales do not reach 5000 squares, payments will be adjusted accordingly.  For more information on how you can help the Lincoln Middle School PTSO, contact Patrick Cornforth @ 760.917.1258.


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