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Loma Alta invites FOFM to Par-tay!

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LAMP (Loma Alta Mission Park)

Rick Kratcoski, Bob Hieb and Greg Smith invite our friends and neighbors of the LAMP, LANA , OCNA and Fire Mountain neighborhoods to an evening of Food and Fun at the Oceanside Elks Club Lodge. The Mar Del Boys will be playing Friday April 3rd. A mere $12 a person is the price for dinner and a night of music and dancing. Cocktail hour starts at 5pm, dinner seating starts at 6pm and the music starts at 6:30 and plays until 11pm. The Elks Club has one of the largest wooden dance floors in Oceanside and their drinks are very reasonable. So come out and let’s help make the Oceanside Elks a great venue for great food, music and dancing. Call 433-1561 to confirm your reservation to LAMP,LANA,OCNA and Fire Mountain Party Night at the Elks. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors.


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