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Happy New Year 2009!

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A hectic 2008 has come to a close and we’re off and running in 2009! The elections added some excitement to 2008, but here in Oceanside, the voters declaired our representatives should remain status quo. We at Friends of Fire Mountain hope to work together with all of our city counsel members and Mayor Wood to improve our quality of life here in Oceanside. And we hope they will work together to make Oceanside the best it can be.

Our friends at Fire Mountain Garden Exchange have the first news of the year for us  regarding increases in our water bills and water cut backs, check it out below

– Thanks guys!

Just to close out the old year, my ‘official’ Fire Mountain rain gauge registered 2.8” of rain for December; this is at the top of the hill between Yucca and Bailey. The way some of the cells came through, there could be substantial variation 3 blocks away! That rain was really welcome. Unfortunately, most of us also received a letter from our  City Water Dept., telling us that there will be substantial rate increases and potential water cutbacks. No mention of a moratorium on building permits and water meters. In other words, we have to cut back AND pay more just so there can be more new houses. Whatever your opinion, we encourage you to write a letter to the Water Dept ( and the City Council:

  • Esther C. Sanchez,, (760) 435-3057
  • Jerome M. Kern,, (760) 435-3032
  • Jack Feller,, (760) 435-3056
  • Rocky Chavez,, (760) 435-3061
  • Mayor Jim Wood,, (760) 435-3059
  • City of Oceanside web page

There will be a public discussion at the council meeting on February 4th. For your oral comments to be officially received you must first submit a letter to the City Clerk (can be done in Chambers). For your written comments to be accepted they must be received by the City Clerk prior to the end of the meeting.  Make your voice heard; it’s our money and our water.


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