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Fire Mountain Reservoir Park–redux

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Fire Mountain Reservoir

Fire Mountain Reservoir

Well–it wasn’t pretty. The Oceanside City Council on October 2nd voted 3-2 against opening the park immediately. (Sanchez and Wood for, Kern, Chavez, and Feller against)
Bringing this item up at this point in time was simply a goodwill gesture on the part of Esther Sanchez , who is working with us to move the process along faster. As Deputy Mayor Chavez pointed out, the park is still part of the 2009/10 Park Plan and it remains on the books in section 5-12 of the Master Plan.

We knew from the beginning that this was going to take years, and we must forge allies in our efforts to make the park happen. We can only hope that the neighborhood doesn’t loose, because our city counsel refuses to back each other. Stay tuned!

For more on this meeting check the article in Thursday’s Union Tribune.

From Fire Mountain Resevoir Update, 2008/10/02 at 11:12 PM


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